About Dr. Christine Lynch

Dr. Christine Lynch has been practicing Chiropractic for 32 years. Dr. Lynch graduated from Life University in 1988 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She moved to Kirkland in July of 2020 from Bethlehem, PA. She is currently a member of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, WA State Chiropractic Association, and Professional Networking Association. She is also a member of Sacred Heart Bellevue and the Bellevue Ladies Golf League.

About The Practice

The casual atmosphere of our practice location presents like a surf shack. We are on the water, a block from the Kirkland Marina. There is plenty of parking out front. This is a non-insurance practice. There is little to no paperwork. Dr. Lynch will ask you questions concerning your medical history, perform a brief exam and then treat you. The first visit is a half hour. Subsequent visits are 15 minutes.

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Hours: M-F 8 am-6 pm