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You will love the casual, surf-shack atmosphere of our practice location! We are on the water, a block from the Kirkland Marina. There is plenty of parking out front.

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I was at college and over a weekend lost the use of my right arm. I was in a sling. My Mom called Dr. Lynch and she told me to come in immediately. I drove 2 hours to see her on a Monday and she examined my neck. She adjusted my neck and immediately I had relief from the throbbing in my arm. Over the next few hours the use of my arm returned. It only took one visit.

Erin M.

I had a knee replacement and after ten weeks still had much pain and swelling above the knee, despite going to PT and doing my exercises diligently. I met Dr. Lynch at a golf tournament and she told me to come by the office, that she did this therapy called Active Release Technique, and it could help. I went in and she did this soft tissue therapy on my knee. It took about 10 minutes, it did not hurt, and I had immediate relief. The swelling significantly reduced and the pain was gone.

Beth G.

I had dizziness while turning over in bed for about 16 years. I would grab my husband’s arm and yell in panic sometimes. I told Dr. Lynch about this (I was already a patient and never mentioned it). She tested me for crystals in my inner ear. The test was positive so she did something called the Epley Maneuver. It took 5 minutes, did not hurt and the dizziness was completely gone!

Leeza O.

My massage therapist recommended I see Dr. Lynch for my stiff and painful neck. I was telling her about my son’s asthma. She told me to bring him in. She adjusted his middle back. She saw him once a week over the next few weeks. After his second visit, his asthma was completely gone. Two weeks later we were able to get a dog as he was also highly allergic to dogs and cats. I then brought in my whole family of 5, referred my parents and she also adjusted the dog!

Lisa F.

I manufacture and install ductwork and also have a kitchen company. I find myself in very compromising positions. I have a very painful low back condition. I am bent over often from the pain. It affects my ability to work and walk. I see Dr. Lynch every two weeks and she keeps me working and walking. I go in to see her bent over, and I leave walking straight up. I can’t stop doing my job, so I need to keep seeing her to function.

John K.